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4,5 sterren uit 384 beoordelingen
15 jan 2022 om 4:35 The sushi is good but it took them 2 hours to deliver
14 jan 2022 om 22:04 Food excellent as always, delivery an utter mess. Last time, what a shame... I really enjoyed the sushi but the wait is unbearable.
11 jan 2022 om 9:53 Genoten!
7 jan 2022 om 17:12 Superlekkere sushi, goede temperatuur en netjes verpakt. Top.
17 dec 2021 om 21:38 I ordered for 19:30 food arrived at 20:20. Horrible. If you schedule your delivery 4 hours in advance you would expect it to arrive at the scheduled time. No chance. An absolute joke. I am really disappointed. Food was delicious as always though.
14 dec 2021 om 17:20 delivery was horrible in the time we had to wait. Also here in rating the order, maximum I can enter is 90 minutes - while in fact we had to wait for 2 hours for our food to arrive! I am demanding the full refund for this order and to be contacted
13 dec 2021 om 9:35 Niet heel erg snel en een beetje duur, maar het wachten en de prijs meer dan waard.
11 dec 2021 om 20:42 We halen al jaren eten bij Otaru, altijd goed. Dit keer echter een enorme teleurstelling. Smaakloos is het enige woord dat ik kan opbrengen. Zonde
3 dec 2021 om 18:06 The best sushi BUT sticks was only for 1 person but I added notice this order for 2 people
20 nov 2021 om 22:51 Ik eet al 14 jaar bij otaru maar vandaag was het echt top.
6 okt 2021 om 21:11 The best sushi but cooking almost 1 hour
19 sep 2021 om 21:46 Food was excellent, but order placed Sunday at 17:48 arrived at 19:00 May have been the busy period. Very glad when food finally arrived. Delicious!